Professional Engineering Services

  • Would you like to bundle your hardware products with software-based services, to increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty?


  • Would you like to add remote access to the products that you sell, to speed up trouble shooting and to reduce the costs of on-site visits?


  • Would you like to charge your customers by how they actually use your products, instead of charging for the "boxes" that you move?


  • Would you like more information about how your products are used after you have shipped them, to improve them exactly where this is most effective?


  • Would you like to commission or reconfigure your product from an iPhone or Android smartphone, over Bluetooth Low Energy?


Then you need reliable partners who are equally at home in embedded computing as in enterprise computing, who know how to architect and program systems that span embedded devices, mobile devices, personal computers, enterprise servers, and cloud-based servers.


Our services are focused on the Internet of Things (smart devices connected to the Internet) and on Appcessories (smart devices connected to apps on mobile devices).


Our Mountaineer Group of companies has a proven track record in building such systems. But we go further by providing an open source hardware / software platform (Mountaineer Platform) plus additional OEM components (Mountaineer Prime) that remove many risks inherent in such projects - you don't need to start from scratch, but are not locked into a proprietary platform either. While still being able to tap the existing know-how base and tools of Microsoft's .NET ecosystem - from small devices all the way to cloud-based analytics.