Mountaineer Prime Firmware

Our Mountaineer Prime Firmware goes beyond NETMF for STM32 in that it additionally provides the following features:

  • Storage
    • a fast driver for SD Cards (4-bit interface)
    • a driver for USB Host support (mass storage profile)
    • both SD cards and USB sticks can be used with a FAT file system
    • the file system and drivers support more than the 4 GB limit common to most NETMF implementations
  • Robustness
    • a full-featured hardware watchdog implementation (supporting timeouts of up to two minutes)
  • Security
    • integration of a fast and small TLS stack
    • an optimized replacement of the (already fast and small) Oberon.NaCl crypto library, which implements the identical NaCl API but with a considerably smaller footprint and more than an order of magnitude faster
    • a library for reading an STM32 microcontroller's unique 96-bit ID, and for creating and storing public/private key pairs
  • Remote firmware updates
    • an example and documentation of how to implement encrypted and signed in-field firmware updates using the MFUpdate mechanism and Microsoft Azure for distributing update images

Note that these assets form a toolbox that we can use wherever needed, for building optimized firmware tailored to the application and hardware of the customer. They are intended for licensing within engineering projects, not as off-the-shelf components.

Consequently, there are no releases of the Prime software per se. There are only releases of custom firmware for individual customers, according to their needs and schedules.